It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, almost 4 years in fact but I think it is time for a comeback.

The reason for this being that social media has become so locked down you can’t actually give a valid opinion about something without someone flagging your comment or it being caught by a robot. Oddly enough it seems the right wing folks can say whatever they want against the immigrant villain of the month or LGTBQIA+ issues without being flagged but if you dare stand up to them or offer an opposing opinion. 30 day ban!

So it is time to dust off the ol blog and put my opinions to paper somewhere else just like the olden days before social media! It isn’t all bad of course, I’ve found mastodon quite open to opinions but the fediverse is getting a lot of corporate attention these days and i’m sure it’s only a year or two before even that ends up a complete mess.

Crack open the blogs and let those opinions fly

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