A new beta WordPress for Blackberry has been released. This one adds support for Gravatars, multiple languages and replying to comments (yay! 🙂 )

The replying to comments is the big one for me because I have been using the app to approve comments on the go for my Facebook CommentsTNG support but not to answer as it was a complicated and slow process. Now it seems to be easier and faster to answer back so that is good and I will be making use of it! The Gravatar support is a neat feature too, not needed of course to get the job done but still neat!

However! It is slow as heck. Sure I am using the old first gen Pearl but still!

To be fair though, once the application was being used and I assume it had updated its local caches on my device it did seem faster than the previous beta so kudos the WordPress for Blackberry team! I look forward to your continued updates.

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