Well for the third installment of updates I am afraid there are no real code updates, I took the week off as I needed a break. There is still however some great news relating to Parsec despite my lack of feature updates.

Jason W has made some progress with the SDL remake, he gets a game window, with some graphical issues but it is running. Also Jason got an e-mail from one of the original developers of the game and was given Admin access to the original Sourceforge page. This means we now have a better chance at getting attention driven back towards Parsec. The admin access to the SF page also gives us the added bonus of being able to edit and add news to the parsec.org website which is where anyone feeling nostaglic would potentially end up first.

Jason also gave me developer access to the SF repository so I have committed all of my client/server changes into it so they now come from the same source tree. This is great news because before I was working out of a seperate codebase on my 2 dev boxes and a 3rd one for just the server, eeeeek. But that’s all tidied up now.

So this was still a week of progress and the new Parsec Era draws ever so close.

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  1. Very cool stuff going on here. I’ll be following along.
    Soon as there is a Windows client out, will be keen to jump in.

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