OpenParsec development continues on and we are heading towards our first public binary release in March to line up with the 10 year anniversary of it going open source in the first place!

What’s changed

  • Moved from SF to github! 
  •  All weapons and powers up now function. Newest editions being Photon cannon, EMP and upgrades, Invulnerability
  •  Stargates function and allow in game server jumping
  •  Master server functionality has been created
  •  Basic Starmap created (needs texturing but functions) for server selection

I have outlined these changes in an update video which shows off the game in its current state. Please keep in mind the release will be a 0.2 beta so there is plenty of room for future polish and on that same note it is also amazing that we managed to digg this game out of its grave in the first place!

There is no safe distance.


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