In unprecedented glory, a large meteor strikes the Earth, incinerating all life and blanketing the
planet in infernal darkness.

In unprecedented glory, a large meteor strikes the Earth, incinerating all life and blanketing the planet in infernal darkness…

The winner of the last game of Doomsday was……… Me! Which never happens to be honest. Out of 24 games since 2008 I have won 3! I owe this win to mr_spuck and Atonx who if they didn’t spend two days killing each other below the shuttle factory size limit I wouldn’t have been able to build such a massive fleet un stopped. Thanks Guys!


It’s been a long time since the last update to Doomsday and that last version somewhat unbalanced the game but I have gone to great lengths to restore balance and open up other outlets of strategy!

New in 1.2.6:

  • Airstrikes now bound to a 15 second delay just like ground attacks
  • To use the bomb command a player must now have an airfield
  • Destruction of factories from an Airstrike causes casualties which are logged under the defense category
  • Bombing with a Recon spy and Bomb ID yields a 20% higher chance of strike that a regular bomb command
  • Recon Spies send reports via ingame mail
  • Recon Spies no longer return every HK but remain inside the enemy nation until discovered or recalled.
  • Recon Spies that are not discovered send a new report every housekeeping via in game mail
  • Added recall command which recalls the Recon spy home.
  • Fixed a bug with disband that allowed you to disband your Recon spy but still receive reports
  • Recon command uses 10MP Recall uses 15 so a recon and recall equal the same mp as an attack
  • Moved retaliation from the housekeeping loop to the 10 minute loop to still allow the intended feature of defending your much larger nation against greedy smaller ones picking away at you but reducing the time in which you can seek that revenge. Before if a small player attacked 3 times it took 3 hks for all 3 revenge attacks to expire now it will take 30 minutes. This allows larger players to still get revenge when active but not for nearly a third of a day which was incredibly unbalanced.
  • Random housekeeping events that may benefit or punish you
  • Random Explore events that may benefit or punish you
  • Added command to refresh the events list so it can be updated during game
  • Added command to set the game to shut down after completion for when maintenance or upgrades are waiting

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