I haven’t posted a train update on the blog in a bit so I figured I would give a quick summary

N Scale

I sort of stalled here for a bit but I have returned to it. Finished laying roadbed on the board and I have track held in place with nails currently until I glue it in place and ballast it.

I took a video of a test run here

The equipment is old and only has one set of powered wheels so it stalls on the turnouts sometimes.

HO Scale

Still no home layout and it will probably continue that way as I have the club in Fenwick to get my train fix every week. I took a pair of new videos one featuring CP Rail and of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also do a Chessie System!

CP Rail video here

Chessie video here

I have also taken a lot of photos of the trains on the layout which I will show off at the end of this post. The best way to follow my train escapades now is probably YouTube or Twitter so follow me there!

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