Been quiet on this one for a while…

OpenParsec development hasn’t entirely been quiet the last 2 years there have been a few bursts here and there making strides towards another release.

After this release all objects that were in the LAN demo are present in the internet game so what does this mean?


Yes, we finally got those included they didn’t quite make 0.2. We also got the Invulnerability shield to properly display to all users.

Non gameplay changes:
-SDL2 across all platforms
-Added the Raspberry Pi as a platform via GLES 1.x
–Yes, seriously
-Mac OS X Spaces fullscreen support
-Moar Audio tracks! 3 weren’t part of the 0.2 release that were present in the demo.
-Headless bot support if you can’t find anyone to play with
-Many many bugfixes

You can clone the current WIP here on Github and if you get a successful client running you should get the current 0.3 test servers via the StarMap.

Stay tuned it won’t be long now!

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