What could they be hiding? Have you noticed this when browsing a blog or profile of a supposed photographer?

Why take such wonderful pictures of the world and make it your goal not to be in it?

The only reason I bring attention to this issue is because I have been faced with this mystery photographer dilemma several times over the past year specifically. It is like there is either an outbreak of would be photographers or it is cool to be secretive. Well it isn’t cool. Identify yourselves immediately you Earth stalkers! Unless of course you’re fuck ugly. That’s the other side of the coin which is someone seeking corrective action against their low self esteem by taking beautiful photos of their surroundings. This conclusion is more likely to be the true reason for this. It’s also similar to going on Facebook and someone has a picture of their teddy bear or some cartoon. Lame.

Well I have one thing to say to that. Quit being so damn vain, no one cares! Be yourself.

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  1. Have you considered perhaps that it’s not quite as easy to point the camera at yourself as it is to point it at something else? It’s practically impossible to set up a good scene when you’re actually supposed to be in it.

    This, to me at least, has always been irritating; taking photos of some event there’s rarely much evidence that I was even there, because I’m the only one with a camera. 🙁

  2. I always get someone to take a group Photo. My Friend Sean always finds a way to have a picture of himself too.

  3. If you’re getting someone else to take the photo so that you can be in it, then you are not the photographer and the situation is completely irrelevant in the context of your post. 🙂

    Some people do manage to do portraits… it’s just a lot harder than it sounds and therefore a lot of us don’t bother a lot of the time. What I want is a floating, mind-controlled camera with a direct visual viewfinder link to my visual cortex. 🙂

  4. Cameras have had timers for ages you dont need a third party

  5. You still want to see the scene fully before you press the shutter. It’s physically impossible to be in the scene yourself *and* see it before you click.

    If you’re talking about photos of drunk teenage brats standing around vomiting on each other, then yes, these should be easy to take and I can’t imagine that anyone would consider it a problem. Presumably, though, you’re talking about actual art which is what photographers make.

  6. Art still requires someone to go with it. “‘insert names’ flickr” doesn’t mean anything in a world seen through eyes.

  7. Sorry, I can’t parse that.

  8. Pay no attention to me, testing hourly comment import on WordPress

  9. What complete nonsense! The central purpose of art is to share the unique way in which a person views the world. Artists produce art; they are not the art themselves… or, at least, very rarely.

  10. When you look back on your life when you are too senile to remember it wouldn’t you like to actually be there in a picture or 2?

  11. pretty long rant for a test…and by the way if the snow hamster need's a alignment you should do it sooner than later as not to screw up the new foot wear on the front.If you need help with this let me know Dick!

  12. The rant isnt the test the comment is, and I intend to get an appointment for next week because it pulls pretty bad to the right

  13. Nobody ever wants to take a picture of me, especially when I’m holding a camera. It does suck, I wish I had more pictures of myself with my family.

    On a related subject:

  14. Best comic ever

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