Has anyone else heard that commercial where the dude goes on about global warming not being real and that it has been proven to not exist?

Ok? so what? I’m trying to figure out what this guys point is.

Should we then?

  • Keep using all the gas we want?
  • Go back to regular light bulbs and blow more electricity?
  • Flip off the energy star system
  • Stop making our factories pollute less
  • Go back to styrofoam containers

I’m really curious to the point of the commercial. He didn’t specifically say what we was getting at he just seemed to want to “make us aware” global warming wasn’t around. Besides, I think we’re calling it “climate change” now and I doubt we’re going to stop improving ourselves cause some asshats made some commercials.

Carry on!

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  1. its fake.

  2. you're fake

  3. Sweet, let’s go back to using CFC’s in our air-sols and switch to cars that use more gas. The only thing I can think of is that this ad (which I haven’t heard) is either a satire, or someone with a lot of money has something to “prove.”

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