You know the drill.

  • Log into Facebook
  • Look at that little red number in the bottom right
  • Get excited “Oh joy! I’ve been included!!”
  • Open it up and….


  • Add your relatives!
  • There are polls for you to answer!!
  • People claim that <insert random friend> is funnier than you! Take the quiz!!!

Or some other bullshit. We already get ads on the side of Facebook and surrounding the games we play inside Facebook are these phony notifications really necessary?

It’s a disappointment if anything because you are thinking “oh joy!” then you look at it and the reality sets it “aww shit, nobody likes me” and the downward spiral begins! That’s right, Facebook is why you’re depressed!

Fuck you notifications!

Fuck you!


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  1. Poor phil has no friends.

  2. I'm his friend

  3. Bullshit, if you were his friend you'd add CrazySpence to your friends list on Quakelive.com.Oh yeah, cock sucker, don't forget to add that notaku person took.

  4. I don't play quake, I own a 360 now. I'm better then all of you.

  5. Blasphemous Controller user…

  6. Enjoy your 1% of a crash!!!

  7. I don't understand.

  8. Drew barnes. Stiiilll got it.

  9. lol, no you don't

  10. Phil, I can’t believe you made a fake user account called Drew Barnes just to have a pretend conversation with your pretend friend. That takes the cake.

    • You think i’d go make a second facebook account for that? lol

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