Of Mobile Facebook.

It has now been a week since mobile Facebook broke comments on Notes and there seems to be no fix in sight. I check every day and every day I see December 31st 1969 and blank spaces where comments once were. Today standard Facebook imported my blog post below but I noticed that it did not appear in mobile. I am hoping this is just an overlooked glitch and not a trend towards discontinuing the mobile sites. I have been posting bug reports semi daily to Facebook with no response and today I complained on their blog that was going on about how much their Mobile sites rock.

Why do I care?

A couple reasons, number one is that mobile Facebook gets you all the same info regular Facebook does while the mobile app on my blackberry just gives status updates, comments and messages so when I need something specific like an event location, read note comments or access to groups mobile Facebook is the better choice on the go.

Secondly, I have a plugin Facebook CommentsTNG which takes comments from imported Facebook blog posts and puts them back into their home WordPress blog. Myself and about 1000 other people use this plugin to keep our social worlds connected and since this breakage it does not function.

To conclude, you can see if you have this problem as well (some don’t it seems but most do) by logging into mobile Facebook and clicking notes at the bottom, pick any notes with comments and see if they are blank with the wrong dates. If they are I have provided some links for you to help the cause below.

Helpful links:
File bug report here
Comment on the Mobile Facebook blog here

Together maybe this can be fixed. Thank you.

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  1. Get..a…Facebook API?

  2. Just posted a complaint in the blogpost as well. Thanks for the hint.

    The Touch-Version is fully functional, however. Just curious: Is there any way to use this version for grabbing comments instead of the mobile one with some re-php-ing?

  3. I know that I for one also have this issue on my phone so I submitted a mobile bug which may be the team who’ll tackle this not the “note” team


  4. At the moment, I get an XML-Error when I click on a comment at m.facebook.com. So, it still doesn’t work, but it seems they are trying something, at last.

  5. Yea i have noticed that too. They also changed the format of the e-mails so it broke on my blackberry everything comes through as a notifcation which looks like an e-mail instead of “As comment” or “wall post”, hope they update that soon too.

  6. […] reports myself and I know I’m not the only one. The main developer, Phil over at Philtopia also wrote a post explaining the problem and encouraging you to write a bug report.  And I am doing the […]

  7. I just wrote a little writeup on the issue: http://bandonrandon.wordpress.com/2010/03/05/what-the-hell-facebook/

    Hopefully they will get the message.

  8. I’m seeing the same issue on my blog. See post page below. The previously imported comments from FB are now showing up as “Anonymous” with the Dec. 31, 1969 date attached to it. And nothing from the FB comment is making it to my blog. This was working perfectly before and I just loved this plug in. Amazing work!


  9. unbelivable that mobile version of fb is still broken. had anyone got ANY reply from the team?

  10. I manage 7 FB pages and just contacted FB Ads team stating I am pulling all ads until this is fixed. This is complete BS.

  11. Yea this has been going on for a while now and I check it every day. Complete crap.

  12. Hey, just wanna let you know it seems the bug is fixed.

    I checked the comments on my notes on Facebook mobile and everything seems ok now.

    Does this mean the Facebook CommentsTNG plugin works now?

  13. I have just got a blog and use about 50 different plugins. Thank you very much for your plugin. It complete my website

  14. w00t Thanks everyone who helped hassle Facebook!

  15. Hello! I’m having trouble getting it to work on a Facebook Page. Its importing comments from Notes that are on my Profile, but not on my Facebook Page. I know for a fact the Page ID is correct. One thing I noticed — when viewing pages from facebook mobile, the Notes tab doesn’t show up, so could it be that its not possible to pull comments from a Facebook Page Notes? Has this plugin worked for anyone trying to pull comments from Pages instead of their Profile?

    • If I hadn’t done it myself it wouldn’t be listed as a feature

  16. Is the Facebook comment thingy working already?
    ’cause I just load the Facebook CommentsTNG, and I got nothing fetched. (If I do the “Test” I get the Name ID, but nothing else).
    Thanks for you plugin!

  17. Не могу решить….

    Today standard Facebook imported my blog post below but I noticed that […….

  18. Hey, thanks for the Comments TNG plugin. It was a huge help up until… six months ago, maybe? Did Facebook break it again? Is there anything we can do to help?

    • The developer version appears to work at the moment you can try it by clicking “other versions” on the wordpress site.

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