Over the last couple months I have been on a pretty big Wing Commander kick. For those of you unaware of Wing Commander it was the greatest space combat simulation of the 90’s if not of all time. I say that because really after the series went quiet the entire genre sort of…well…fell apart which is a bummer considering it is my favourite gaming genre and also my favourite game series.

Not to worry though, the community has lived on strong over the last 10 years and many fan games have come and gone to continue the story, my favourite being Wing Commander: Standoff. The reason it is my favourite because it has truly captured the absolute intensity and madness of the first 2 games of the series.

Recently I have been giving back to the legacy of the game with the creation of my Wing Commander music plugin for Vendetta online which overlays Wing Commander 1/2 music into the game. Along with that I have remixed a copy of the Kilrathi theme in Garage band giving it a different sound and I located a PDF version of the SegaCD version of the manual. It has been a good Wing Commander year for me 🙂

But wait there’s more…

I have been trying to expand my collection of the series which until this year consisted of Wing Commander III, IV and Privateer. About a month ago I found on ebay an auction for Wing Commander II: Deluxe edition and I jumped on it. Upon Arrival I noticed it came with the ORIGINAL manual which had all the fighter/ship specs PLUS a 10 page sample from the book Freedom Flight. This was absolute gold for me and set me off on my next task: Finding Wing Commander 1.

A few weeks past and I found a set of Wing Commander 1 with the original fighter specs however after some heavy bidding I lost it to someone else and felt rather defeated. I took one more pass at ebay and found a “Buy it now” of Wing Commander deluxe edition IN THE ORIGINAL BOX with FIGHTER SPECS, CLAWMARKS, WC1, Secret missions 1 and 2 plus the install manuals, a 1990 catalog and some other paperwork from Origin! I jumped on that quickly and awaited shipping.

Today it has arrived and it is Christmas in June for me! The box has a dent in it but all the contents are in excellent condition. For being almost 20 years old I would say it has held up pretty damn well and I look forward to liberating the Vega Sector, chasing down the Sivar and liberating Firekka from Kilrathi Occupation!

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