As of last Friday I now have another set of missions in game. This one as promised is for players later on in the game.

Vendetta online as far back as it has existed has always had pirates, traders and anti pirates. Always, even pre release there was the VPR guild and there were pirates hunting players in the alpha but the game really doesn’t offer any missions of either side (except trading of course) so I decided to create some.

Essentially the basic gist of this mission is you have a crappy courier mission (Special Delivery) and an unaligned person asks you to detour on your delivery, if you do you get whisked into a world of piracy (Difficult Choices) but whether you let it consume you or whether at the last moment you realize what you are doing and change your mind is up to you in the end.

I chose to do this because as far as grey space goes an all the interesting things that go on in it it really has no official mention in the game (except a “look out n00bs itz dangerous!!!” in the tutorials). I went out of my way not to name guilds or people (because those change frequently) but to cover some very basic ideas of anti rat and rat behaviour. If you decide to be evil it will go on about how you have a great life plundering and pillaging the weak ahead, if you change your mind and turn against your former pirate allies it mentions that there are others who feel as you do in regards to rats and you should seek them out. If you are the pinnacle of boring and for some reason just take the first mission over and over and over again eventually it’s like “oh, you make a good trader, carry on”. 3 choices, 3 endings. I have also set accomplishments at the end of each spur so in the future specific anti rat/rat/trading missions based off this tree can occur.

The mission is first presented as Special Delivery in nation space. If you decide to go down the rabbit hole the rest of the missions play out as Difficult Choices in Corvus stations. Enjoy 🙂

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