This is one of the first tracks I retooled. It’s from a game anyone who had DOS back in the day probably played. So let the guessing begin, good luck. Don’t just spam the post with games or i’ll just delete/ignore you.

Round 1

Bonus points if you name or describe the level it is from

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  1. LEMMINGS! no idea of the level.

  2. 1 day has passed and I have heard Descent, terminal velocity, lemmings but no correct answer yet. Here is todays Day 1 hint:

    Electric chair

    Maybe that will help, maybe you’ll be more confused. *shrugs*

  3. Duke Nukem

  4. Duke3d to be specific but you’re the first one to be close. To be honest i though draugath would have had it cause yesterday he said he was watching Duke videos but he somehow either missed it or forgot to post. GJ!

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