Here is another DOS classic touched up in Garage band. Post to the blog post to make your entry. First person to guess correctly wins!

Bonus point for guessing the level once again. No one claimed the bonus point last round so you could gain the lead with a correct guess + level.

Round 2

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  1. Raptor: Call Of The Shadows
    Level Two

    • Jesus christ man, I just posted this lol

      Yes you win the round + bonus

  2. more specifically, Bravo Sector Two.

  3. You can’t post music from a game that I love, and a level that I repeated many, many, many times (to sell the missiles for cash) without me getting it almost immediately.

  4. I love that game, i’m also pals with scott host the guy who created it.

  5. Cool.

  6. Yea, I like bringing that up when the rare opportunities present themselves

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