The newest edition to my model railroad is this DCC equipped EMD GP40. This diesel came with my new Bachmann EZ command DCC system which allows me to independently operate up to 10 locomotives at one time. The way DCC is different than standard Analog power is that the maximum power output is always running to the track whereas analog train sets the turning of the knob indicates the amount of power being fed to the tracks. What makes DCC work is that it sends the power through in a modulated wave which a decoder on DCC equipped equipment can interpret as a computer signal allowing each engine to have its own unique address on the track network to allow it to receive commands from the base station. This means that on a single power fed track without any special blocks you can have two trains running opposing directions, one train stopped while another is running. Multiple trains running together as a multi engine consist and so forth. DCC makes model railroading exceptionally easier than it used to be at least from a wiring perspective.

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