I was a little busy yesterday at work so I will be combining round 4 and 5 today. This could stll be won by anyone as Round 5 will have a 2 point bonus answer anyone is able to grab.

Final Scores :

  • MaxMouse 3
  • Laura 3
  • Waffles 2

The game ended in a tie as Laura was able to collect all of the round 5 points to deadlock the game. Thanks for playing!

Round 4

Round 5 – Name the song for 1 point but if you can name the game for the Commodore 64 it goes with you get an extra 2 points totally 3 for this round. Combined with an answer for round 4 you could win the game in one shot.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. OK! round 4 is Stairway to heaven by Led Zepplen and Round 5 is No Easy Way out by Ozzy, no idea about the game though. (google was less than helpful <_< )

  2. You win round 4

  3. This is a comment from me logged out to show that commenting does work

  4. Queen, It’s a Kind of Magic, Highlander

    • Round 5 defeated


      BONUS POINT!!!!!

      It was a terrible game fyi in case no one has played it

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