Doomsday 1.4.5

A new round and new version of Doomsday has started! Congrats to FiReMaGe who after dying mid game came back in another 110HK to win the game!

Gameplay Changes:

  • Formation command: Players can now set the order of which units attack in battle, this should increase the value of manufactured units late in the game
  • Air strike changes: If you have multiple bombers they will each (upto a max of 5) launch a bombing run against the enemy. This should make bombing more valuable than just for bombing the shuttle factory.
  • Increased Coffee, 40 hour work week, urban planning research time as they are end game items and were being achieved too early


  • Fixed session issue where the in game source data would be terminated after 10min of inactivity instead of the proper 60
  • Fixed issues with Sessions and death
  • Fixed issue with e-mail communication causing game shut down
  • Fixed issue with duplicating statistics tables from players using non web clients to return to the game
  • Website improvements to better handle when the game server is not available
  • Game configuration output to log with variable names on game init
  • If an asteroid round is active game initialization checks for the asteroid and adds one if not present
  • Added ai_count to Game options for the amount of NPC that should be in game
  • Added a check to game initialization, if no AI are present add ai_count to game
  • Added read item to session_log table. When you hit clear log on the Website it will only clear items you have seen to reduce the chance of missed information
  • Added session log clean up to end game to curb session log build up over the last 3 months, cleans read logs of active users and all old logs of inactive
  • Moved the game variable set up and initialization into dd_game_setup() so that it can be executed during start up or after endgame() to allow the game rounds to transition seamlessly with no administrative intervention required

Play Doomsday!

IRC @ irc.blitzed.org #Doomsday

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