I have had this idea for a while to do a Niagara Region chicken tour and review the various brands/flavours of the area and now that camping season is winding down I’m going to try and make it happen.

The plan

I am looking for a group of volunteers to come along with me in this tour to provide their own review and perspective so that it is fair and unbiased. You can let me know on this blog if you are interested.

After we have established a “group” we will select a day/time in the week when we can go review the restaurant of that week. Those unable to make it on the designated time could go at any point during that week and submit their review.

Once a day/time is generally agreed upon all members can submit restaurants for review and the group can agree/disagree on the choice and start setting a schedule.


I really enjoy fried chicken and you would be surprised about how much variety there actually is in this area. It isn’t all KFC you know, some of the smaller chains like Chester Fried need to be thrown into the light with all their glorious deliciousness.

The goal is to hit at minimum one of each major brand but for the smaller more diverse brands more than 1 of each type could be visited as their side dish, service and refreshment offerings could vary and impact the overall experience in a positive or negative manner.


  • KFC
  • Popeyes
  • Broaster Chicken
  • PC brand
  • Mary Browns
  • Chester Fried
Hopefully we discover a few new ones along the way as well.




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  1. I love fried chicken and am totally down for this. And I’m not posting here because Phil told me to…

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