I know it’s been some time since an update but this project is still alive! If anything I would say it is more alive now than it was when I did my weekly updates last February.

What’s happened recently

  • In early October I sent an e-mail to Openparsec-devel stating “Summers over back to work!” To try and get attention again back to the project so we could again move forward and it worked. Several people from last year and a couple new lurkers chimed in and gave some ideas
  • There was some debate on an IRC channel for collaborative work and the #OpenParsec channel on slashnet was created in late October
  • All channel conversation is archived similar to a mailing list so it can be viewed by people who weren’t there
  • Uberlinuxguy got the SDL client working for all platforms
  • Slime got Xcode and Visual studio projects set up for Mac/Win32
  • Slime began improving the video engine on the client as it is obviously ancient, including some rendering enhancements and resolution handling
  • I improved the client side bot to be more fun
  • Network code seemed to die after 6 clients, fixed it to allow up to 16
  • Particle system simulation implemented server side (necessary to add some of the more fun game elements)
  • Peer 2 peer system restored for local lan play
  • Helix cannon works on game server

Anyways it has been a busy month. Feel free to join us on IRC or Sourceforge or compile the client and join the battle!


Network testing with bots



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