Nintendo POWER!


So the other day Susan and I were moving some old boxes we hadn’t seen in awhile and I came across my old Nintendo collection. Of course this inspired me to have to try and set it up and see if it still worked!

I still had an RCA cable attached to the NES but no power adapter was to be found. I had a controller in the box but wasn’t sure if it was still functional but it was better than nothing. I luckily had a couple power adapters for my Bachmann EZ-command thanks to a warranty replacement and it fit pefectly

Lets do it!


So I hooked it up to the TV, plugged in the power and I got a blinky red light so it was real, this was happening but would the games work? Thankfully the answer to that question was yes, My games which all probably haven’t been played in over 3 years all worked. The controller which was also coiled up for several years also appeared to work.

It was time for fun!


When the kids went to bed I went on an NES blitz and it was glorious! here are some screens below

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