I sure hope no one out there actually buys ringtones on iOS as the process to create them is so simple and available to any Mac owner.

Here’s the basic rundown if you are unaware:

  • Open GarageBand
  • Select ringtones for the new project, then it will give you some more sub options
  • Pick voice
  • You will get a blank project with 2 empty instruments “Male Voice” “Female Voice”
  • From iTunes, find your favourite song or from your computer your favourite sound clip and drag it onto the project
  • drag the Yellow loop bar ontop of the project to the part of the song or clip that you want or cut/paste the part you want into the loop area (keep the loop area under 40 seconds)
  • Menu: Share -> iTunes as Ringtone


Yea, it’s always been that easy and GarageBand will take any supported sound file into it, midi, wav, mp3, AAC so the skies the limit

Here’s one I made a year and a half ago and 3 more I made today for kicks:

1.5 years ago:



7 days plus 1 week

Probe – 2 – Nacka

Hells March remix


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