So as you saw late last week I picked up some Chessie System Cabooses in N scale and played around a bit with it. Well that continued on over the weekend as well.

N Layout
I picked up a 2×2 board from home depot on Friday and layed out some sectional track on it. The fit is tight but it is a basic oval with a straight (or turnout) at the end of each quarter turn with a siding through the middle and 2 spurs.

The thought occurred to me to try out N as I have had a troubling time over the years getting anything going in HO so I bought a board and went for it.

Old equipment
I already had a decent amount of N equipment that was given to me 9 years ago by my father in law. Every so often I would try it out but nothing concrete ever came from it. As it turns out most of this equipment is from a 1970 Bachmann set. The locomotives, power pack and electric switch motors all appear to still function as well, not bad for being 44 years old!

The sectional track worked as far as getting a basic layout idea going but I think I am going to use flex track for the curves around the layout. The reason being that with N even the tiniest offset on the track to the wheel flange leads to derailment and Flex will mitigate this. I also plan to take the track up and put down a cork road bead. I will trace the track as it is now, place down the road bed on a glue bed and spike the tracks down to it.

Anyways as I progress through my tiny project expect more updates.








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