So it’s been 2 years 2 months since the last Doomsday update but alas it is finally here! What inspired me to start working on it again was a 3 month burst of games between myself Aeolous and Ganborro.

Here is the Changelog:

New in 1.5.0:


Raid functionality - The raid is a MUD style dungeon where you must travel 
through an unseen map to get a reward at the goal, along the way you may 
encounter players, traps or monsters

Raid - join or leave a raid
go - travel in a raid
fight - fight players in the raid

Added player statistic recording for Structures bombed, civilians lost,
raids won, raid pks achieved


-Added global airforce and raid statistics to "stats" page
-Added a last command button that appears after you have typed a command
-Added a Game Config display on the DDAY website


-Fixed spelling error on asteroid time alert
-Fixed launch command so it doesn't default to firing at an asteroid
-fixed favour function to not cause error during HK

The idea between the raid/quest functionality is to give players something to do during the downtime with the potential of bolstering their kingdom with a reward if they should make it to the end. Hopefully this improves early player turnaround and helps hold onto players longer!

Come play via the Doomsday web client

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