I haven’t done a food review in some time but a sandwich I had last saturday just made me lol when I realized what had just happened.

The KFC Big Bosskfc-big-boss

So, what we have here is a double chicken burger at its core but when you get right down to it it is a hilarious parody on something we have all known and loved for over 50 years.

So, taking a quick look you may already start to feel the idea of something not right beginning to connect in your mind and as you take your first bite it all clicks together instantly


SONY DSCYes, that’s right it isn’t just the appearance, every fine deal (minus the beef) is a Big mac.

  • Thousand island dressing: Check
  • Sesame seed double stack bun: Check
  • Lettuce: Check
  • Weird shitty onions you thought on Mcd’s had: Check
  • Pickles?! really?!: Check
  • Shitty sliced Cheese: Check and check
  • Horribly sloppy and disintegrates as you eat it making a huge mess: Oh big check

At this point you then even realize the name, Big Boss, they aren’t even hiding they are blatantly going “Here’s our chicken Big Mac! Eat it bitches!!”

So here’s the big question though, is it good? Yea it is. Somehow this works very well and it tastes good even though you realize how criminal the whole idea is of just swapping some chicken for beef out but it does in fact work and it tastes pretty good.


special_10KFC already has a winning sandwich, the Big Crunch and it is still superior in this category. KFC keeps throwing different sandwiches at us when they already have the best chicken sandwich on the planet and all attempts are sub par in comparison. The Big Boss is a good chicken Big Mac but it is not a better Big Crunch so I will not be changing my preferred choice when going to KFC. McDonalds for Big Macs, KFC for Big Crunch.

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