I had this Canadian Pacific box car that I picked up in the summer that had the paint damaged because it wasn’t sealed properly. The car wasn’t expensive so it just sat in a box unused for the time being.

Since the cars paint job was already damaged I figured there was no harm in trying to weather it. The damage to the paint was mainly on the roof, it had been stripped away by some adhesive and where it was stripped was actually a decent spot to repaint with rust to make the roof appear worn and rusty.

I bought some rust coloured paint at Just Train Crazy and some rust powder from AIM. The idea was the paint the stripped spots and then see what this weathering powder was all about that I heard about from members at club.

I applied the paint first onto the damaged parts of the car. It looked decent but it did seem out of place to have these suddenly complete rusted out areas on the roof of the car.

I opened up the box of rust powder and began brushing it in over top of the rust paint and around the edges. This created the look I was after. I went across the roof with the powder rusting it up as appropriate and then also added some to the step ladders and on the sides where the Canadian Pacific Decals were worn. I think I have achieved the look I was after and it was exceedingly simple to do.

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