Every good Pi deserves a case. A case keeps your Pi from getting damaged or static shocked. The Pi ecosystem is plentiful in the case department ranging from basic function cases to higher end beauties that take your little credit card sized board that extra mile in getting attention.

My first Pi was bought 2.5 years ago and with it I got the most interesting case I could find at the time, The Pibow. The Pibow is a series of cases by the Pimoroni company. This company is based in the UK and has all sorts of interesting gadets and accessories for the Pi but it is good money the first time you ever hear of them it is in regards to the Pibow.

My first Pibow was in the original Rainbow colours. This case reminded me of the C64 and the old Apple logo and it is a very striking case that gets anyone who sees it to ask you about your device.

The second Pibow which I just received recently is for the Pi model A+. This case is called “Royale” and it is a shorter coupe style case and it is partially translucent. It gives the A+ an even more unique appearance than what it comes with by default. The A+ had spent about a year inside my arcade controller box which I just recently replaced with a Bluetooth controller so it was time to get the computer an official case.

My A+ is still doing the same emulating it was before but it is now a part of the entertainment system instead of hidden away in a black box. On the other side of the entertainment system is my original Model B inside its Pibow serving movie and musical entertainment. With both striking cases it never takes long for someone new to ask me “hey what are those” and potentially lead someone new into the rabbit hole of the Raspberry Pi universe.

Yes the Pibow cases may cost a bit more than their competition but the build quality and the visual appeal it adds to your Raspberry Pi can be well worth it.


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