After getting to try the SNES Classic last weekend it made waiting for mine to arrive a little easier but it was a short wait. Last night my SNES was waiting for me at home and I spent a few hours breaking it in.

There were about 7 games I felt it needed to be complete for me and thanks to some crafty developers this is possible with the SNES Classic using the Hakchi2 tool.

After installing the Hakchi2 tool and running it for the first time you’re asked what system you have and then presented with a simple GUI showing an item called “Original” which lists all the default games and 2 buttons at the bottom “Add games” and “Synchronize select games with NES/SNES mini”. Pretty straight forward

Adding games allows you to select the files to add to the system. The tool processes them and in most cases it detects the publisher and launch date of the game. There is a browse/google button for adding box art to the title I found the google button fairly effective and it worked for each of the items I was adding.


Once you’ve added the games you want you can synchronize with the console. The first time it will run a kernel flash which is the most nerve racking part of the entire process (in theory like any bios/rom flash it could brick the device). The application provides instructions for each step and it is easy to follow along. Once you complete the steps and the application detects your console it will flash it and reboot the device. After this one time process all that is required for future uploads of roms is plugging the device in over USB and powering it on.

I tested the 7 games I uploaded, 5 worked 2 didn’t the two that didn’t were also ones it had issues detecting the publisher so I may try other roms and hope it was just an issue with the files.

The UI placed the games I uploaded in a separate sub folder and the games all appeared with the box art data I had provided.

Fairly simple process, well done Hakchi2 devs.

Keep in mind any roms you may upload you should technically own in some manner otherwise you may be in legal troubles but anyone involved in this type of process probably knows that already.

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