I had been waiting for this release for a month or so now and was very excited to pick it up when it launched. For me I don’t have a good gaming PC nor do I have Xbox or a PS4 so this was my first chance to try this game. I had many people tell me it was a fun and exciting game on PC and I was hoping the Switch version could also deliver an exciting experience

It does

Once I got past some irritating initial patching and a 7GB download I jumped into the game. During the intro when the character is chained up I felt the tugs of the chains through the Pro Controller and the scene on my TV had set the mood. I was in.

I wasn’t sure if I was watching the game engine or a video at first but once my cross hairs appeared and I instinctively started pressing the RT button the monsters fell before me and I was stoked.

I picked up the shotgun down the hall and got into my first “battle” up the hallway with a horde of monsters who quickly dispatched me 2 times. I was terrible at it but I loved the game.

Good 3rd party gaming is back on Nintendo

An important step

The last time I can remember 3rd party support being really good on a Nintendo console goes all the way back to the SNES, that’s a long time. Nintendo has since been able to carry their consoles on the backs of their very solid 1st party offerings but if you wanted anything outside of the Nintendo ecosystem and you wanted the game play to be good you have had to rely on other consoles essentially. Everyone is always concerned with every new Nintendo console release “How’s 3rd party support going to be” “Will it be passed over” “Does it matter?” and really I suppose in general it doesn’t matter. Even without it Nintendo sold millions of Switch’s, millions of copies of Zelda, Splatoon and I’m sure Mario will as well but I saw Doom as a potential turning point if it worked. After playing Doom now for a few days I think it has worked and we’ll see more adult geared 3rd party content in the Switch’s life because of it

What about the GFX

Yes I know everyone goes on about how the GFX had to be reduced in quality to work on the Switch I have even looked at the comparison images and you can see it is quite extensive. I don’t care. Once I’m in a fight I don’t see that, I see monsters, I see explosions, I see glory kills. It all looks amazing as I’m playing and the only time I notice the GFX is if nothing is going on and I happen to stop and take a close look at stuff. The point is they crammed an x86 AAA title into a portable tablet. It’s amazing, it’s portable. The changes while they can be noticeable don’t matter. The experience of Doom still remains

The future

I am hoping with a week filled with games like Doom, Skyrim and Rocket League released for Switch that this catapults other publishers into at least attempting to make their games work on the platform. We know it won’t be perfect but if you can make the gameplay experience translate to the Switch you will have a winner. We have solid proof of this now. 3rd party AAA titles can work, they’re enjoyable, we’ll buy them!


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