I express myself through the Majesty of song.

If you want to know how my mind works the best way to do that is to let me sing. While some times I may be a bit off key it is the clearest window into my mind without having to suck it up and just ask me.

Join with me, in my emotional symphony.
The path is clear with each song you hear
Don’t run away, listen to what I have to say
In my mind, my soul you’ll find.

I have been keeping a running playlist over the last year that I add to whenever a song reflects a moment or feeling I have. I initially populated it with a few songs I have always identified on but for about a year now I have continued to add to it. I add the new songs to the top so the beginning of the playlist more closely reflects the current me than the end. I keep it publicly available on Apple music, even if you don’t have Apple music you should be able to view it with this link below:

My Playlist

I find listening to my music, singing to it, facing what i am feeling at the time keeps me from sinking into a depressive cycle that I see so many other people affected by. I deal with my feelings by making myself express them through the songs I can relate to. I know this isn’t a solution that can be applied to everyone.

However it does work for me.


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