Starships on Stream

I have had this idea for a bit but just haven’t committed to it yet so maybe If I write out my thoughts on it i’ll actually get ti started. Let me know what you think in the comments

Basic Idea

Run racing events on Vendetta Online utilizing the already existing Race tracks in Sedina and integrate it to a Twitch stream for external interaction.

Planned features

Host plugin

  • Announce race to 100 periodically (5 or 10 min)
  • In system count down race automatically
  • Once race started track racers using LUA events on entry, death, and finish of race track
  • Track time of racers for statistics separate of VO’s already existing race stats
  • Award points based on 1st, 2nd,3rd finish
  • Process “bets” from twitch users outside the game viewing the stream
  • Create/Show leaderboard in between races either in game or via external web portal
    • Actually a web based would be better it can then be overlayed to twitch
  • Plugin will track the win loss/race k/d ratio of racers to relay out to Twitch before betting opens

Twitch Bot

  • Relay VO chat out to Twitch channel (relaying in will be disabled)
  • Twitch users have channel points, these can be used to bet on players in game
  • Twitch users can bet on a racer they believe will win eg !bet CrazySpence
  • Twitch Bot will announce race starts, player deaths and who killed them and winners in chat
  • Twitch Bot will track the win loss statistics of the player betting plus keep a point scoreboard of betters


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