If you recall from a couple of my previous posts I have been trying to get my imported Facebook notes comments back into WordPress.

The mission I laid out before myself was to be able to read and separate the authors and comments from the raw data.

Anyways as of about 10 minutes ago I achieved this goal and the debug output of my script was some of the following:

Note: What’s the point of the quarter for the shopping carts?
Author: Lisa Taylor
Comment: Phil… I must ask you… “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO WELLAND???””” Take a look around… there are shopping carts every where!!!! I don’t blame the retailers. But I must agree I wont shop at a place that has those stupid Quarter Machines.
Author: Bernie Benjamin Korten
Comment: i think the idea of this is so they dont have to pay pple to go in the parking lot and collect the carts cause if you want your quarter back youll bring the cart back and not leave it in the middle of the parking lot.
Author: Seann Alexander
Comment: need to upgrade the slot to a toonie or a loonie.
Author: Sandra Lynn Glover
Comment: What we did at Fleming, if we didn’t have a car, was to go to Food Basics, and just take the carts back to the campus with us… They hated us for that, posted signs, never stopped anyone, and we didn’t give a shit about the quarter.

Now I just need to write it to check the title against word press posts and add comments that don’t exist but that’ll be easy compared to getting here 😉

Anyways this was pretty fun to get this far. Here is what the current script does:

  • Logs into Mobile Facebook
  • Switches to the notes page
  • Collects the note links of all notes on all pages
  • Goes through each note and grabs the author and comments

Time to get that data back into my blog!

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  1. Well done good sir. I can’t tell you how many people have been looking for a solution from me even though I was just helping out part time with this originally.

    Can’t wait to see a completed version.

  2. Will you be sharing this script soon?

    • I just need to hook it into WordPress then I will be posting it here and then once a couple people tell me it didn’t set their Facebook on fire i’ll also put it onto the WordPress extend

  3. I’ll gladly help beta test! I’ll stay tuned…

  4. Well I have a working test copy now if you want to give it a try. I ran into some interesting specific character issues which hung me up for a day. heh

  5. I’d love it Phil. You can email it to me at the address I have on this comment. Thanks!

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