So just to keep everyone posted on what I am working on I have been learning how to make a WordPress plugin out of my Facebook Notes comments extractor and yesterday it successfully pulled in its first comments from Facebook and added them to my database.

I was quite excited.

However, I noticed a couple blogs were not listing and neither were there comments. As it turns out … was being turned into one character and ‘ were also being changed into another version of themselves in UTF8 and when I was querying the database obviously the strings were not matching.

Then! the replace functions I wrote to counter this were not changing it!

Finally I resorted to regexp and the exact same replace query in regexp did what the C string style replace would not. Now it works perfectly (for me anyways) and I’m going to give the plugin to a couple people who have been following this and see if t works for them or erases their blogs entirely!

Facebook Comments

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  1. what exactly does this shit do?

  2. It will take these comments and put them back into their original blog at http://www.philtopia.com

  3. Congrats!

    Please let me know (http://www.collinli.com/contact, or you have my e-mail from this comment) about this ASAP!

  4. Any chance on grabbing a standardised format of comments (i.e.: RSS), so you wouldn’t need to patch it up every time Facebook changes?

    • there is no comment RSS, otherwise the people before me and myself would have already used that as it is waaay easier.

  5. Found a bug:
    It doesn’t pick up carriage returns for me.

    Link to their FB profile?

  6. Phil,

    I’d love to help test this out. Let me know if I can.

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