A new round of Doomsday has begun with the launch of new version 1.3


  • Static accounts: your account remains after death and between rounds
  • New time based game: An asteroid will hit the Earth at a specified date regardless if someone has won or not which will increase pressure on the players to advance the game
  • Shuttle limitation: No more spamming shuttles, should lead to an interesting end game
  • New research item: A new research item has been added to improve your nations¬†efficiency…find it and gain the advantage
  • More random events! The random event list has gone from 8 to 18 this round
  • E-mail notifications: with the new setemail command you can add an e-mail address to your player which will be notified whenever you are attacked or bombed

Clients available:

Web: http://www.philtopia.com/?page_id=22
IRC: irc.blitzed.org & irc.slashnet.org #doomsday irc.undernet.org #conquest
Telnet: philtopia.com

Help page: http://www.philtopia.com/?page_id=34

Good luck!

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