Doomsday 1.2.6 has been out for almost a year now and after about 5 or 6 rounds last year it has somewhat stalled (usually does) and I disabled winning after Frenzi played and won by himself 10 times after it stalled so it is time to plan out the future and get another set of fresh rounds rolling!

Planned Features:


  • Static user accounts: Your user account will remain between rounds. If you are not part of a round and log in you will be newplayered.
  • E-mail notifications for any live messages you would get logged in

New game Modes:

  • Time based game: You will have X days to escape or everybody dies including whoever may think they are in the lead
  • Shuttle limited mode: One shuttle in space at a time, we’ll see what happens

Game mechanic improvements:

  • New lifestyle improvement, do more with less but I will not be specific about what it is going to be as it’s a suprise.
  • New Random events, the event system has worked great since creation but we could use much more random events to keep things interesting including the use of the lottery system that was implemented in the background years ago but never used

WordPress Plugin

Doomsday already has a web client, telnet and IRC and I am planning to include a WordPress plugin for release. This will integrate similar to as my web client and is mainly going to be to get the game revived nerd attention.

The big change will be the game modes and static accounts which I think will greatly improve the game. With this public list of goals I now have something to work towards and hopefully will have this done in a short amount of time. Feel free to prod me if there doesn’t appear to be any progress.

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  1. Static accounts complete!

  2. E-mail notifications for attack/bombing work

  3. Time based game working

  4. Shuttle limit (optional) has been added

  5. New research item added

  6. New events added, went from 8 events to 18

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