Doomsday season is once again upon us. The last 3 year in a row this time of the year has been the most active for DDAY (mainly because that’s when I actually change it) and this year is no different!
Big changes occurred this time around, probably some of the biggest changes since 2007 when I redesigned the mainline from being an IRC bot into a client/server system!
New in Doomsday 1.4:
Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed long standing issue with the telnet server which would cause it to eventually refuse new connections
  • If debug mode is disabled, irc,telnet and the game server no longer continue to write to stdout
New Features:
  • Moved Doomsday Configuration into database
  • Created Gameplay achievements, 20 in total that the player can collect as they progress through the game
  • New Doomsday Website with User profiles, Custom theming and Integrated client
  • Session log for web client so that you can see your command history and incoming globals during a session
  • Server side session timeout, If session goes stale for over an hour it is removed
  • Player statistics are recorded in database now for Troops killed and lost, shuttles launched and shot down and for the amount of game wins
  • New Web client Quick Commands sidebar for an easy click to common commands. Can be edited by User
  • Clear log link which clears the web clients backlog if you find Doomsday is running too far off the screen
  • Added catchalls for existing users to ensure their user database information is updated to new version when they re activate
  • Statistics page added to new website which shows various global game stats
  • Adjusted endgame() to handle session removal and also to preserve the global log instead of deleting it
  • Changed log command behavior, using log by itself will only show you entries you haven’t viewed yet
  • report achievement command added which will show you your acquired achievements
  • SESS Command for the server, If a Session exists in the database that Session ID can be used instead of logging in to issue commands. Mainly used for new web client
To play doomsday you can use one of the many clients currently running:

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