Anyone notice every time facebook changes all sorts of douchebags start complaining about things that have actually always been set they just never previously noticed or bothered to look into the setting?

A year or so ago everyone flips out cause Facebook changes their privacy settings at whim
The reality of it is you were always running on DEFAULT settings that you NEVER CHANGED so when Facebook altered the default settings you went along for the ride and panicked.

More recently, Facebook slightly changed the home screen, far less dramatically than they ever have before and they put a second news feed into the sidebar. Immediatly all sorts of stubborn freeloaders started coming up with ways to evade the change (not realizing once the change rolls out world wide they will still have to put up with it) and coming up with silly theories that all of a sudden their posts are more public than before when in fact the same data always used to show up on other peoples news feeds or wall where anyone who was a friend or friend of a friend (depending on settings) could see it.

Here’s the thing. Facebook is free and you choose to use it. For free. If you don’t like it or that your information is out there get the fuck off it cause whining that data YOU PUT UP there can be seen by people YOU FRIENDED is fucking stupid. Shit or get off the pot




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