So KFC has these new mini fillets that they have been pushing the last few weeks and about 2 weeks ago I finally decided to try one out. The nice thing about their new products now is here they always have a snack box version that is 3.99 or less so I have the opportunity to try something before committing to their usual expensive combo options.

Anyways I bought the box meal and it came with 1 mini fillet and a small fries to which I was thinking to myself “$4 for one chicken finger this better be the best fucking chicken finger I have ever tasted or I’m pissed”

It was the best chicken finger I have ever tasted and I was not pissed.

Now I am addicted to these things and can’t go to KFC without getting some and now their hold on me is so strong I am trying to convince you via the world of blog to agree with me and enjoy them too.

What’s great:

  • ALL of the KFC flavour we so crave and NONE of the mess
  • No grease
  • No stomach ache
  • No hanging the bucket out the car window in cold weather to cool the chicken to an edible state
  • Those crunchy pieces on the end filled with delicious 11 herbs and spices are there still just like on the chicken!
  • Do not require plum sauce to taste good! Go sauceless!

What’s bad

  • Nothing you idiot! go eat some of these now!
  • Ok, maybe there is a shitload of salt…just like the chicken and could potentially kill you. I’ll give you naysayers that
Go eat some now and comment on this post to admit that you have been captured by the mini fillet!

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  1. where do kfc get there mini fillets from, i crave them there soooo good

    • You mean the completed product or where’s the meat come from?

      The meat is that piece on the breast that clings to the cartilage that you can peel off and looks like a long finger. Then I just assume they soak it in their delicious 11 herbs of goodness

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