Doomsday 1.4.1

It’s all about bugfixes!


  • Admin flag now works correctly on appropriate users through sessions
  • Incoming messages now work correctly on sessions
  • Attack delay now works properly with sessions
  • Fixed critical issue with retaliation where the defender would be forced to 5% surrender max (instead of the correct 50%) and still lose their full surrenders amount of resources for example 90% instead of the max 50%.
  • Corrected issue with website profiles where some clever <script></script>’ing could execute a command on a logged in player by removing <script> and onclick references from profile output
  • Corrected issue with website where help syntax responses were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with missile to shuttle collisions where when the shuttle was destroyed the loop continued processing which was throwing an error
  • Improved newplayer creation from website with a new form and explanation

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