I commute to and from work every day and most days everyone gets a seat to themselves and that’s always a plus. Every so often the bus is extra busy and you have to sit with some one and usually this is fine because as the bus vacates people move to new seats and you are once again comfortable.


Twice I have been on the bus in the last 2 weeks and some knob doesn’t move once the bus vacates and keeps crowding me into my seat. there are other spaces! Go away! The first time I eventually asked them to allow me out at a stop and I moved. This second time which was yesterday the person doesn’t leave but on top of not leaving they put their bag onto the seat on the other side then eventually put their leg up on it across the aisle.

I made a point to take the middle arm rest and huffed every so often and inside my mind was going “GO AWAY. LEAVE. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE

So remember, when you are doubled up on a bus and you are on the outside seat have the courtesy to move when a seat becomes available.

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