Why does everyone who works there look cracked out, homeless, dirty or…..”special”

5 years ago while in college I worked at the montrose BK in the winter and everyone there looked more normal compared to the other. The bizarre thing is however that they are both owned by the same guy. We at the montrose store used to poke fun at the sketchy criminally staffed lane store all the time. I was even at one point during my last month of work there 4.5 years ago sent there to work the night shift a couple times a week and once I told the manager on duty to send me home before i fsckin kill one of these morons.

I was sent home and the manager apologized to me.

What set this off? Well as two of the sketchy dirt bags were goofing off it took them 15 minutes to make a whopper somehow and I asked them what the hell they were doing. They replied “What whopper?”. I threw the bag with theĀ receiptĀ on it at them and said “That one”.

Anyways back to the original point. I love BK, the one closest to me is sketchy so I put up with it but what brought it to mind was this kid on cash yesterday who looked like he was addicted to crack, had about 3 or 4 attempted tatoos and looked confused when I seemed to want to order food. When I managed the pizza hut across the road we didn’t have any cracked out people… Whatever. I’m moving in a week, hopefully the St kittysburg BK isn’t as sketchy.

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  1. Agreed. I worked at the Montrose one too. Lundy's BK… I'd check my whopper for syringes.

  2. You came through the drive through the day I am referring to where I threw a bag at them and went home.

  3. You looked pretty calm that day for being on the brink.

  4. You weren't the 15min whopper

  5. Ha!

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